Truck Services

Truck Repair in Rapid City, South Dakota

Our auto technicians are expertly trained and our staff is there to answer any questions you may have.
We can provide the following services for your vehicle:

Transmission and engine replacements

It takes a skilled technician to replace an engine properly. Black Hills Truck Shop has the technicians that have the skill and knowledge to replace transmissions and engines. Instead of buying a new car you should consider replacing the engine or transmission. This procedure can make it seem like a whole new car, and save you money in the process.

Heating and A/C

People in South Dakota know that having A/C in the summer and heating in the winter is extremely important. Black Hill Truck Shop is here to help you keep your system maintained.  Being cool in the summer and toasty in the winter can make the difference between enjoying your ride or suffering all the way to work. Our technicians are highly skilled and exceptionally knowledgeable in repairing these systems.

Differential overhaul

As you turn your vehicle the outside wheels have to rotate slightly faster than your inside wheels. The differential is what is responsible for keeping this smooth. There is a lot of power flowing through the differentials and it is very important to keep them well lubricated. When differential fluid gets low it could freeze up on you and you could lose control of your vehicle. Stop by Black Hills Truck Shop today to get it checked.

Transfer case work

Your transfer case is the device that transfers power between the back, front, or all wheels. The fluid in the transfer case needs to be changed periodically. It should also be checked for damage or leaks. Keeping the transfer case well maintained is key to giving it a longer life.

4-wheel drive work

4-wheel drive makes living in the Hills easier and more fun. During the winter, snow can keep many drivers inside, but drivers that have 4-wheel drive will still be out doing what they need to do. Come to Black Hills Truck Shop to make sure your system is well maintained for the winter months and for exploring the Hills.

Ford service Specialists

Black Hills Truck Shop specializing in servicing Ford vehicles. We have the tools, skills, and parts to make sure your Ford is running at it’s best. Bring your Ford in to have it serviced today!